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Труды Института механики им. Р.Р. Мавлютова
Электронный научный журнал | Electronic Scientific Journal
Proceedings of the Mavlyutov Institute of Mechanics
11 (2016) Issue 2

Table of contents

Nasibullayev I.Sh., Nasibullaeva E.Sh.
The fluid flow through the related element system of technical device such as pipe–hydraulic resistance–pipe
Troian R., Dragna D., Bailly C., Galland M.-A.
Broadband liner impedance eduction for multimodal acoustic propagation in the presence of a mean flow
Shagapov V.Sh., Nagaeva Z.M.
On elastic regime of filtration in hydraulic fracture
Akhtyamov A.M., Mamedov Kh.R.
Uniqueness theorem for Inverse Sturm–Liouville Problem with Nonseparated Boundary Conditions
Shagapov V.Sh., Khasanov M.K., Bayramgulova R.S.
The theory of injection of liquid carbon dioxide in formation, saturated system “hydrate of methane–methane” in the mode of formation of the intermediate melt zone
Musakaev N.G., Khasanov M.K.
The mathematical model of the carbon dioxide burial in the reservoir saturated with hydrate
Khizbullina S.F.
Numerical research of influence of viscosity–temperature relation on structure of Couette flow
Akhmetov A.T., Sametov S.P., Valiev A.A., Rakhimov A.A.
Effect of acoustic exposing on blood flow in microchannel simulating stenosis
Urazov R.R.
Simulation of the operation of the gas refrigerator recurrent complicated ethylene polymer deposits
Siraeva D.T.
The motion of the particles volume corresponding to invariant solution of rank 2 submodel of hydrodynamic type
Akhmetov A.T., Valiev A.A., Rakhimov A.A., Sametov S.P., Habibullina R.R.
Microfluidics of blood in blood vessels stenosis
Kuleshov V.S.
Stationary fluid convection modes with a Gaussian viscosity dependence of temterature
Ilyasov U.R.
Peculiarities of heating of thermo-poroelastic media
Shagapov V.S., Chiglintseva A.S., Belova S.V.
Mathematical modelling of injection gas hydrate formation into the massif of snow saturated the same gas
Izmailova G.R.
Heating of oil layer by RF electromagnetic and acoustic field with simultaneous oil production
Mikhaylenko C.I.
The high-performance technique for solving an explicit finite-difference problems on the MPI technology
Vorobyev M.A., Kashinskiy O.N., Lobanov P.D., Chinak A.V.
Bubble flow formation regimes in viscous liquid
Shagapov V.S., Galiakbarova E.V., Khakimova Z.R.
To the theory of acoustic scanning of pipelines with the damaged areas
Kireev V.N., Urmancheev S.F.
Regimes of stabilization of the flow of anomalous thermoviscous liquid depending on the heat exchange
Vorobyev N.A., Valiev A.A., Akhmetov A.T., Urmancheev S.F.
Steady flow a highly concentrated emulsion in a cylindrical channel with stepped constriction
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