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Труды Института механики им. Р.Р. Мавлютова
Электронный научный журнал | Electronic Scientific Journal
Proceedings of the Mavlyutov Institute of Mechanics
7 (2010)

Table of contents

Nigmatulin R.I., Ilgamov M.A., Aganin A.A.
The problem of stability of the spherical shape of a bubble during its supercompression
Akhmetov A.T., Balapanov D.M.
Shock waves evolution in a porous media with different internal structure
Akhmetov A.T., Vlasov S.A., Vasilyev A.V., Mavletov M.V., Sametov S.P., Rakhimov A.A.
Elastic turbulence under polymer solutions flow in microchannels with variable cross-section
Akhmetov A.T., Sametov S.P.
Features of the flow of dispersions liquid-liquid type through a cylindrical microchannel
Balapanov D.M., Urmancheev S.F.
Heat and mass transfer processes in the channel of the honeycomb catalyst during the oxidation of hydrogen sulphide
Volkova E.V.
Numerical Modeling of Polymerase Chain Reaction in the Convection Cell
Galimzianov M.N., Chiglintsev I. A., Agisheva U.O., Buzina V.A.
The formation of gas hydrates under shock wave impact on the bubble media (two-dimensional case)
Gafarova Yu.A.
Numerical implementation of finite-element method of control volume using irregular mesh
Darintsev O.V., Migranov A.B., Yudintsev B.S.
Ultrasonic sensor system for the uses in intelligent motion control system of a mobile robots group
Denisova E.V., Nasibullaeva E.Sh.
Modeling of the problem of the fuel metering unit functioning
Ilgamov M.A., Khakimov A.G.
Reflection of a longitudinal travelling wave from the notch in a rod plunged into viscous liquid
Kireev V.N., Solnyshkina O.A.
Numerical simulation of the spherically symmetric tumor growth in the lymph node
Lukin S.V., Urmancheev S.F.
To an estimate of the propagation velocities of acoustic waves in a relaxing saturated porous medium
Marin D.F., Mikhaylenko C.I., Khaziev L.H.
Aspects of modeling the effect of temperature stratification in the vortex tube channel
Nasibullayev I.Sh., Kamaletdinova U.R.
Temperature influence on orientation dynamics of oscillatory Poiseuille flow of nematic liquid crystal
Nasibullayev I.Sh., Nasibullaeva E.Sh.
Axisymmetric flow near the critical point on the moving boundary
Nasibullayev I.Sh., Urina O.V.
Temperature influence on homogeneous instabilities in stationary shear flow of nematic liquid crystal with weak surface anchoring
Khabirov V.V., Khabirov S.V.
Development of gas hydrates the modern technologies
Khakimov A.G.
Damage detection of a flywheel shaft
Yakupov R.G.
Stresses and deformations in the rod under the action on the end of the dynamic load
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