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Khabirov V.V., Khabirov S.V. Development of gas hydrates the modern technologies Proceedings of the Institute of Mechanics of Ufa Branch of RAS. 7 (2010). 202–210.
2010. Vol. 7. Issue 1, Pp. 202–210
DOI: 10.21662/uim2010.1.018
Development of gas hydrates the modern technologies
Khabirov V.V., Khabirov S.V.∗∗
Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth, Moscow
∗∗Institute of Mechanics, Ufa


The scheme of gas production from gas hydrates on underwater slopes is offered. The existing modern technologies which have to be used are listed. The mathematical apparatus for calculations describes a filtration of polyphase environments in the relative frame elastic porous medium with phase change.