ISSN 2658–5782
DOI 10.21662
Electronic Scientific Journal
13 (2018) Issue 4

Table of contents

Bolotnova R.Kh.
Study the dynamics of hollow jet formation under vapor outflow from the supercritical state
Nasibullaeva E.Sh.
The study of acoustic scattering from a single sound-permeable sphere
Chiglintseva A.S., Shagapov V.Sh.
The theory of injection of a hydrate-forming gas into a snow massif saturated with the same gas
Utyashev I.M., Akhtyamov A.M.
Determination of local inhomogeneity of the medium from the natural frequencies of string oscillations
Denisova E.V., Chernikova M.A.
The model of the servo piston of the fuel metering unit using matrix approach and neural network
Shagapov V.Sh., Zapivakhina M.N.
Melting of ice in a porous medium saturated with ice and gas while injecting warm water
Rakhimov A.A., Akhmetov A.T., Valiev A.A., Asadullin R.R.
Study of the effect of dynamic blocking of emulsions containing solid inclusions
Davletshin A.I., Khalitova T.F.
Numerical simulation of single vapor bubble dynamics in a liquid in an intense acoustic field
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