DOI 10.21662
Electronic Scientific Journal
13 (2018) Issue 1

Table of contents

Nasibullayev I.Sh., Nasibullaeva E.Sh., Darintsev O.V.
Study of fluid flow through a channel deformed by piezoelement
Aganin A.A., Davletshin A.I., Khalitova T.F.
Numerical simulation of bubble dynamics in central region of streamer
Toporkov D.Yu.
Сollapse of weakly-nonspherical cavitation bubble in acetone and tetradecane
Ronzhin R.P., Mikhaylenko C.I.
On the dependence of a cold air production on the size of a hot air output area of the vortex tube
Krioni I.N., Semenova A.V., Kireev V.N.
The algorithm for determining the pulling force while dragging a pipeline
Krioni I.N., Semenova A.V.
Determination of the allowable maximum size of the obstacle while dragging a pipeline
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