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Труды Института механики им. Р.Р. Мавлютова
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Proceedings of the Mavlyutov Institute of Mechanics
4 (2006)

Table of contents

Механика деформируемых твердых тел
Akhtyamov A.M., Muftakhov A.V.
On the problem of finding the parameters of elastic fastening of the edges of a rectangular plate
Akhtyamov A.M., Safina G.F.
On the duality of the solution of the problem of finding the relative rigidity of the elastic edge edges of a cylindrical shell with respect to two eigenfrequencies of its axisymmetric oscillations
Davletov M.I., Kazantsev Yu.V., Khakimov A.G.
The impact of temperature change on stress deformed state of a main pipeline surrounded by a viscous medium and affected by thrusts and dislocations of the Earth’s crust
Nikonov V.N.
Methods of reconstruction of the circumstances of traffic accidents
Nikonov V.N.
Simulation of an accident and analysis of the results of its study by various methods of expertise
Khakimov A.G., Sharafutdinov Z.Z.
Stress deformed state of a drill string under off-design conditions
Газовая динамика и численные методы
Balapanov D.M.
Comparison of modern numerical methods for shock wave simulation in gases
Lepikhin S.A., Galimzyanov M.N.
High pressures and temperatures in the bubble liquid when it flows through the nozzle
Mikhaylenko С.I., Khizbullina S.F.
About one efficient pipeline parallel algorithm for solving problems of continuum mechanics
Khabirov S.V.
The established screw flows of gas
Механика многофазных сред
Akhmetov A.T., Glukhov V.V., Mavletov M.V., Thelin A.G.
Dynamic blocking phenomenon at a flow of stabled highly concentrated W/O emulsions
Zakhirov K.R., Sametov S.P., Akhmetov A.T.
Possible mechanism of infarction
Ilyasov A.M.
Modeling of the costs of the phases of the water-oil mixture in the ascending streams
Lukin S.V.
The effect of a pressure wave on a rigid wall covered with a porous layer
Moiseyev K.V.
Influence of the angle of inclination of the cavity on heat transfer under free convection of an anomalously thermo viscous fluid
Nasibullaeva E.Sh., Akhatov I.Sh.
Modeling of oscillations of a bubble cluster in an acoustic field
Nigmatulin R.I., Bolotnova R.Kh.
Equation of state for liquid water
Rakhimov A.A., Akhmetov A.K.
Dynamic blocking of W/O emulsion in a radially expanding flow in Hele–Shaw cell
Telin A.G., Zainetdinov T.I., Khlebnikov M.E.
Study of the rheological properties of the water-swelling polyacrylamide grade FS 305 for development technologies of waterproofing works at oil wells
Topolnikov A.S.
Numerical Modeling of Evolution of Boundary Between Incompressible Gas and Liquid in Two-Dimensional Region
Topolnikov A.S.
Numerical Modeling of Stratified and Slug Flow of Gas-Liquid Flux in a Tube by One-Dimensional Model
Khizbullina S.F.
Filtration of anomalous thermoviscous liquid in layered non-uniform formation
Мехатроника и управление в технических системах
Darintsev O.V., Migranov A.B.
Method for the development of models of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). API functions of virtual environment for designing, testing and debugging MEMS
Denisova E.V.
Network model of hydromechanical executive system
Migranov A.B.
Development perspective microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)by methods of semi-real simulation
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