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Gubaidullin D.A. Dynamics and acoustics of polydisperse gas-droplet and bubbling media. Theory and experiment. Proceedings of the Mavlyutov Institute of Mechanics. 2017. 12(1). 67–72.
2017. Vol. 12. Issue 1, Pp. 67–72
DOI: 10.21662/uim2017.1.010
Dynamics and acoustics of polydisperse gas-droplet and bubbling media. Theory and experiment
Gubaidullin D.A.
Institute of Mechanics and Engineering, Kazan


The results of theoretical and experimental studies of wave dynamics and acoustics of gas-droplet and bubbling media are presented. The propagation of weak waves in the vapor-gas polydisperse media (with an arbitrary distribution function of the size of inclusions) and discrete multifraction droplet and bubbling media with phase transformations is studied. Mathematical models have been developed, dispersion relations have been obtained, high- and low-frequency asymptotics of the damping coefficient have been studied, and the areas of applicability of the developed theories are discussed. Good agreement of the presented results with the published experimental data by other authors is shown.

The nonlinear oscillations of gas suspensions and the dynamics of particles in tubes in the shock and shockless regimes as well as in the transient wave one have been experimentally studied. The resonance character of the droplet deposition with the oscillation frequency and the possibility of effective acoustic deposition of the most problematic submicron drops are shown. Based on the fast Fourier transform algorithms, the acoustic signal distortion during the diagnostics of a multilayer sample containing a liquid layer with polydisperse bubbles has been calculated. Good agreement between the theoretical and experimental data has been obtained.


wave dynamics,
gas-droplet and bubble media