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Nevsky Yu.A. Gravity convection of suspensions and aerosols in closed vessel Proceedings of the Institute of Mechanics of Ufa Branch of RAS. 5 (2007). 283–288.
2007. Vol. 5. Issue 1, Pp. 283–288
DOI: 10.21662/uim2007.1.036
Gravity convection of suspensions and aerosols in closed vessel
Nevsky Yu.A.
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Institute of Mechanics, Moscow


Within the framework of the model of interpenetrating continuums, the problem of gravitational convection of a dispersed suspension in a closed two-dimensional vessel is considered. On the example of the problem of gravitational settling (emersion) of a heavy (light) spherical particle in the harmonic velocity field of a viscous carrier phase, the influence of non-stationary and ”historical“ forces on the particle motion is investigated. A hydrodynamic model of gravitational convection of suspensions and aerosols is developed, which takes into account non-stationary forces in the interphase momentum exchange. A range of parameters, in which the description of mesoscale motions in a settling (floating) suspension is impossible without taking into account non-stationary and historical forces, is determined.


interphase interaction,
two-phase medium,
Stokes force,
Basset–Boussinesq force,
force of attached masses