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Koroteev A.A., Osiptsov A.N., Popushina E.S. A film flow in a drop catcher in space conditions Proceedings of the Institute of Mechanics of Ufa Branch of RAS. 5 (2007). 235–240.
2007. Vol. 5. Issue 1, Pp. 235–240
DOI: 10.21662/uim2007.1.028
A film flow in a drop catcher in space conditions
Koroteev A.A., Osiptsov A.N., Popushina E.S.
Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow
Institute of Mechanics, Lomonosov Mosciw State University, Moscow


A non-isothermal film flow is considered, which is formed on the inner surface of a conical drop catcher on whose inlet a uniform stream of a droplet medium is supplied under open space conditions. For the regime of inertial deposition of droplets, under the assumption of small relative thickness of the film and the absence of droplets rebounced from the film surface asymptotic models of  steady-state film flow are constructed and studied. For a slow isothermal flow, the shape and parameters of the film are found analytically. For a general case, a parameteric numerical study ща the velocity and  temperature distributions, as well as the film thickness, is performed. The flow parameters in the inlet section of the outlet channel  are determined, and the conditions required for the steady-state regime of drop catcher operation are found.


drop catcher,
inertial precipitation,
stationary flow