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DOI 10.21662
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The periodical scientific journal ”Multiphase Systems“ is focused on a fundamental science. Our goal is publishing the articles on fundamental and applied results in mechanics. Main fields for our authors are:

  • liquid and gas mechanics, nonideal and multiphase systems, mechanics of combustion, detonation and explosion;
  • solid mechanics, mechanics of deformation and fracture, nanomaterial mechanics.

The Journal is peer-reviewed. The frequency of publication is 4 issues per year. (ISSN: 2658-5782 Registration sertificat).

Until 2018, the Journal was called ”Proceedings of the Mavlyutov Institute of Mechanics“ (ISSN: 2542–0380 Registration sertificat)

Articles are indexed by Crossref. DOI prefix is 10.21662.

Publications in the Journal are free for authors.

Full articles can be downloaded for free from the Journal website. Full articles are also available at the Scientific Electronic Library eLIBRARY.RU.

We are waiting for you on the pages of our Journal and hope for creative cooperation. We believe that the Journal will be interesting and widely in demand by scientific and educational.